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How to Tell When You Need an Electrician to Repair Your Hot Water System

How to Tell When You Need an Electrician to Repair Your Hot Water System

Everyone enjoys a steaming hot shower, especially during these cold winter months, but what happens when that warm and cosy shower suddenly turns cold? We have people call us regularly when they have lost hot water and are in need of a hot water system fix. They’re often unsure of the cause of the problem, and whether they are in need of an electrician or a plumber. Before calling an electrician or plumber, there’s some easy steps you can take to determine the root of your hot water system issues:
  • Check the circuit breaker in your fuse box. It is possible that the circuit breaker has tripped. In this case, test to see if you can turn it back on yourself.
  • Check your hot water system’s pressure relief valve. You will notice at the top of the valve there is a lever which is designed to test your hot water system. Try lifting the lever and allowing some water to flow through the overflow pipe. There’s a chance all you need to do is simply top up your tank (make sure the valve stays lifted until the water is flowing through the overflow pipe).
After you perform these steps, it is recommended to contact an electrician when:
  • After turning the circuit breaker back on, it continues to trip after usage of the hot water system.
  • You are getting warm water but no cold water. This could potentially be an issue with the thermostat or off-peak relay switch.

Hot Water System Services in Eastern Suburbs

If you live in the Eastern Suburbs or Sydney area and need your hot water system serviced by a qualified electrician, look no further than O’Riordan Electrical. Our electricians have years of experience helping our customers across Sydney with their hot water system repairs. Call today at 1800 339 558 to speak with our friendly team of experts who will have you back in your lovely hot shower in no time.

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